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Try three reps at 90 per cent of your maximum weight. It’s a power exercise, and uses similar muscles to the squat, but has an explosive element to it.

This is a trained exercise, very much one you need to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Angry Al Baxter (big man, good bloke) helped me understand how he trains, but after I’d talked to him for Alpha magazine in 2009, he never played for the Wallabies again.

I think Stirling Mortlock suffered the same fate, and he was captain. ________ A key member of the Wallabies scrum since 2003, NSW Waratahs prop Al Baxter, 33, like the pack itself, is getting better and better.

If you’ve never done anything with calves, just start with the calf raises, then build into the plyometrics.

Do 3-6 sets, and for muscle endurance you’d be doing more.

The volume is what you’re looking for rather than top-end strength.

You need to keep your leg in neutral – not rolling either side of your foot and getting as much range as you can – at least below horizontal and up on your toes. You do plyometrics for the explosive element – when you’re taking off for a sprint, lineout lifting and even an engagement in the scrum.

Your weight is on your heels, back is straight, head neutral and chest out.

If you’re going for pure strength, then heavy as you can with small reps. I need all of those at some point during the season.

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