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“I’m excited about joining 5FM because I’ll now have a broader audience than I had at YFM,” Warras says.After a six-year stint at the youth station Warras explains that he knew he’d paid his dues. It has been an amazing journey and I’m grateful for the opportunity I got at the station,” he said.On radio I don’t have to wear makeup or dress up and it’s not about my looks, but rather how I connect with the listeners.That’s why I fell in love with radio,” she explains.As he closes the YFM door behind him, DJ Warras has high hopes for the future.“The nice thing about 5FM is that everyone identifies with it and it is very diverse,” he says.He hopes his new listeners will enjoy his show, and promises that he and Tumi will be adding something new and fresh to the station.“We will continue being ourselves, but we want to give a product that is more mature than we had at YFM,” says the 28-year-old.

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Earlier this week 5FM announced that Warras and Tumi would be joining the station, which is a big leap for the YFM duo.

Jumping from a regional to a national station is a big deal for any radio DJ and the pair are understandably thrilled.

The couple divorced five years later, citing “deep-seated problems that stemmed from (their) inherent personality differences.” Related: 5 ways to explain divorce to your child Jamie revealed in a February interview that she met her now-fiance Rupert eight months after connecting through dating app Tinder in 2015.

Little is known about Rupert, other than him being a 38-year-old British expatriate who works at a consultancy firm.

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