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They are found in most cuisines all over the world. In Ireland and parts of England, a soft roll is called a bap.Rolls are common in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Hungary, and other countries with a thriving bread culture.DE Since the VBI was established in 1903 as an association of leading planners and consulting engineers, membership has been a sign of very high levels of qualifications, extensive experience, and status as an independent consultant.

This is why VBI takes special care to select highly qualified, independent partners known for their integrity.

In their consulting work they link together the various specialist contributions to a single whole.

With their interdisciplinary insights, they are able to provide reliable support for their clients in all matters such as determining the location for a project, tackling the problems of the development phase, as well as all questions related to obtaining planning permission and legal clearance for the construction.

"Small bread" is also found as Italian panino, but which commonly denotes a very specific kind of Tramezzino sandwich bread.

The Kaisersemmel reappears in Italy as the Michetta or Rosetta.

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