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Social bookmarking websites are sites on which Internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos.There are a number of advantages to submitting your content to one (or more) of these sites.Take the following basic form: If you have focus in the textbox and hit enter, the form will be submitted automatically.This behavior is consistent across all browsers and is known as implicit submission. Implicit submission is vital to assistive technologies and impaired users that cannot use a mouse at all.This element should be included if payment is required for rental, purchase price, or subscription price.If payment is required to view, include price for viewing video. Price and currency is set if it is rent or buy option. You can start with this template to build your own feed.Once you have create the feed or feeds, you can submit them using the Sitemap feature.

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For one thing, they help to increase your brand awareness.

The more people who have access to your great content, the more likely that your content will go viral.

From the HTML5 specification: The spec strongly encourages browsers to allow implicit submission; they all do.

Many users have an expectation that implicit submission will just work. Many sites do not have a submit button within the form.

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