Bit intimidating

For some, they wonder if the woman is planning to break into their homes in the wee hours of the night and murder them in cold blood or are planning a way to make them fail at any expense.

Sometimes, we may have an idea to perform those task; yet, our surprisingly warm hearts reject all those ideas and we end up throwing it away like molded cheese. Today, it is very difficult for people to focus in a conversation.

Once people have the balls to talk to us or even say, "Hi," intimidating women start to open themselves to a certain extent.

After hanging out and getting to know people, we start to show that we are more than just our Resting B%#@$ Face.

For some couples who are dating during their college lives, there may be a moment where they might find out that their partner or girlfriend can be too needy.

Sciencists have concluded that it is a good thing to talk to oneself. When it comes to our life, we tend to stir away from the cookie cutter life: married with children; a house for four people and a mortgage; a steady job. For us, the cookie cutter life feels too 1950s for us.Along with not being as needy as the average girlfriend, we can take care of ourselves.This includes daily care, food, water, and clothing.The line is constantly changing its shape awhile goals and plans tend to come and go from time to time.Many people may find it risky; we find it reasonable for our complicated life.

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