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During such visits, prison officials conduct demonstrations of caning on dummies.

Judicial caning is also used as a form of legal punishment for criminal offences in two of Brunei's neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Singapore.

The modus operandi of judicial caning in Brunei appears to resemble that in Singapore more than that in Malaysia.

During the punishment, the offender is tied to a wooden frame in a bent-over position with his feet together, and receives strokes from the rattan cane on the bare buttocks.

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Juvenile male offenders in reformatory institutions may be punished by "whipping with a light cane" for serious breaches of discipline.

The maximum number of strokes allowed is ten if the offender is above 14, and six if the offender is 14 and below.

The procedure is generally similar to that in Singapore and Malaysia.

Sections 257–260 of Brunei's Criminal Procedure Code lay down the procedures governing caning, which is referred to as "whipping" in the Code in accordance with traditional British legislative terminology.

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