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And on any other day Hoseok would cave instantly, always weak for his little kitten and his abuse of how cute he is, but not today.“Nonono, time to get up! ” he insists and prys Yoongi off before standing up and hauling the sleepy kitten out of bed.

Yoongi reluctantly opens his eyes and is met with the sight of Hoseok smiling down at him and why is he wearing that stupid Santa hat again?

He knows Yoongi had never experienced a lot of things in his previous home but he’s determined to show the cat hybrid how wonderful all these festive holidays can be, especially Christmas.

--- [Christmas morning]Yoongi is sound asleep , curled up and warm under the blankets. And then Jung Hosek comes barging in and all chances of an extra hour or two of sleep are dashed.“Gooooodmorning sunshine!

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And there is not much visual record of it, as far as I know; those directly involved seem not to have produced any photographic documentation.

But Hoseok is full of Christmas cheer and he wants to show Yoongi just how special Christmas can be..snuggles under the christmas tree. But Hoseok on the other hand was very excited to show his little cat hybrid just what a proper jolly Christmas should be.“It’s gonna be the best Christmas you ever had”, he proudly declared to Yoongi.“ said that about Halloween too, you liar.” Yoongi accuses and pouts.“Hey, how was I supposed to know you were afraid of pumpkins?

“And tomorrow will be the morning after Christmas and I still won’t care.

Now lemme go back to bed you terrible terrible man. ” Hoseok cheers and points to their Christmas tree. (okay maybe the time Hoseok took him in counts as well but this takes second place for sure).“Can.I open one?

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