Consolidating excel workbooks into one

From Dev Ops to revenue models and customer support, the answer is yes! mreid3847, You might want to go back to the article, and post a comment there that links back to this question.

That way the article's author brettdj will see it, and he may have some better insight as to how to help you push forward. Worksheets From what I can see, this should be fine.

I will keep working at it but its slow progress at this point and a bit over my head.

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And I would also like to collate all the contractor timesheet data and copy it to the same new workbook, sheet 2.The new workbook created from the collated data I would like named Timesheet_I need to retain the format and column headers of the employee timesheet and the contractor timesheet too. Below is the code that Thomas provided in a previous post.I have multiple workbooks that are all in the same work directory c:\temp. The workbooks all have different names but they are all done off a template workbook so they all have the same worksheet format.The 1st workbsheet is "Emlpoyee Timesheet", the 2nd worksheet is "Contractor Timesheet".

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