Daily diary of a dating optimist

Sling's "A La Carte" TV service allows users to personalize their channel lineup starting at per month, giving the woman control over her options unlike her dating app.Her friend watches her, unamused, and looks for a way to break the swiping cycle.“Deal” addresses the practicalities: how to tell the kids, the machinations of divorce court, and finding a new place to live.“Heal” offers advice on accepting that the marriage and old way of life are over and treating oneself with kindness.It’s no secret that intimacy and relationships are the most important part of life.They are crucial throughout our lives, but especially in our latter life for happiness, health and overall well-being.Learn more about today’s matchmakers for senior citizens.For those who are truly ‘old school’, neighborhood grocery stores, libraries and venues for hobbies are excellent places to meet not only potential partners, but also friends.

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Brimming with stories and insights, valuable resources and smart strategies, in-the-trenches tips and sanity-saving takeaways, this book prepares you for each phase of divorce, from having “the talk,” to breaking the news to family and friends, to figuring out where to live, to co-parenting with an ex, to rebounding and rebooting your life. Introduction A Friend in Need vii Part 1 Deal Chapter 1 "I Don't" 2Having the "it's over" talk When you leave him When he leaves you Telling family and friends Things to do now Riding the emotional roller coaster Chapter 2 The Kids: Handle with Care 24Explaining the separation to your kids Helping them express their feelings Easing the transition to two homes Finding support Take the Parenting Pledge to avoid putting down their dad Chapter 3 Law & Disorder 43What you can expect financially Understanding your divorce options Dos and don'ts of hiring the right professional help Popular misconceptions Custody and child support basics Chapter 4 Temporary Chaos 61Making a new budget Safeguarding your job during the divorce Careers you can launch in six months or less Single mom money-savings tips Leaving room for small miracles Chapter 5 A Place to Call Home 78Moving out: Understanding your options Can you afford to stay in the marital home?

A woman "swipes" through profiles of men on a dating app, but none of them seem to be her type.

She tells the woman that if she can get picky finding Mr.

My problem is not the men I meet, though living in a rural Pennsylvania makes it difficult to meet anyone who doesn't spend his weekends in camouflage tracking deer.

My problem is that being with someone other than my former husband still feels like cheating.

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