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Bourdain has a girlfriend, Her name is Barefoot Contessa.The early life and the parental information about the Nancy Putkoski is not revealed. Thorondor Thank you for the excellent walk through.

WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED AT THE BAR THE SECOND TIME, TAKE HER TO THE BAR AND HAVE A DRINK THERE AS WELL. AFTERWARDS, SHE WILL KEEP THE COSTUME ON AND GO BACK TO YOUR PLACE. Ask her to have a look around and try getting her to take her top off. *Take her to the park, ask to see her work, then suggest breaking in. When you get to her boss`s office, ask about him, then suggest sabotaging something. *Ultimatley, the shower ending requires a `Drink Level` of 3. NAKED FUN IN THE PARK- *When meeting Erica, buy her a dirnk straight away. If you loose and cannot enter, restart the game and try again. * Take her home, make out, and she should strip naked and begin a game of hide and seek. LEISURE ENDING- *At the intro bar, buy her a drink. If she doesn`t let you buy another, restart the game and try again. She should avoid lady, enjoy a free drink and be willing to dance. There could have been some bugs in it the fact that it says you bought a dress for her and stuff, when you have never ventured into the store. If there was music and sound then it would be improved greatly.

*Leave the leisure center and suggest going back to your place. In the kitchen, get a drink of vdka out of the cupboard. When she notes she is getting wet, suggest she takes it off it as it barly covering her anyway. When you are finished at the bar the second time, take her to the bar and have a drink there as well. Afterwards, she will keep the costume on and go back to your place. I only wish it would be expanded a little, so that you didn`t have a limited option of places to visit.

Otherwise, great game, and I hope he makes more like these! Small criticisms are the virtual impossible logic behind some of the actiions, inconsistency of the controls in some games and a few too many screens where there is only one thing to click...

Though, the couple was dating each other since their study life.

They dated each other for several years and finally got married, in 1986.

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