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One hundred and six pitches for Strasburg on a "Wuthering Heights" day at Wrigley. The champions of the world never had a chance against him.

No one playing would have had a chance against Strasburg at Wrigley on Wednesday.

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Then he faded fast and the Indians came back, just as fast, to make it 3-2. David Robertson, one of the few Yankees who was around when the Yankees last won it all back in 2009, who came back to the Yankees in July, came out of the bullpen to get Lindor to hit into a double play. People are always going to remember the home run swings that Gregorius has made so far this October.So much of this has to do with the young talent in the game, more young talent, all over the map, than the game has had in its history, from Aaron "All Rise" Judge to Jose Altuve -- the difference in size makes you remember the time when Steve Nash was the MVP of the NBA and Shaq was runner-up -- to Bryce Harper, from Carlos Correa to Corey Seager to the firm of Rizzo and Bryant in Chicago.And, with all due respect to Altuve, that is just the short list.And there is a freshness about it all, making the game feel new all over again, with so much of October's story still left to be written.So it figures that the Houston Astros, who still feel so new to the American League, have a chance to do something fresh that no team has ever done in postseason history: Beat the Red Sox and the Yankees in the same October.

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