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With very few exceptions every artist's fame fades over time, but instruments can endure indefinitely far outliving most artists' popularity or collectability.I've seen vintage instruments that owners actually wrote THEIR OWN NAME on to identify it as theirs. It said, "BOBBY PRESSLAR, Rt 2, Wadesboro, NC," which I took to mean, "If you find my bass, would you please mail it back to me?However over the past few years "actual value" was bringing a smaller percentage of the appraisal value than three or four years ago when the economy was better.Vintage instruments are again beginning to sell and the actual sale prices are starting to rise again.

Instruments almost never actually sell at full appraisal value, but instead usually sell for a majority percentage of the appraisal value.

Usually this was on the back of the headstock and they just wrote their name.

Apparently writing down the serial number was way more trouble than writing your name on the instrument back then.

In the case of celebrity owned instruments a notarized signed statement and photo of the celebrity playing the instrument is far more desirable than the artist actually defacing the instrument by signing it.

Remember 60 or 100 years from now the instrument may survive but nobody will know why some moron wrote their stupid name on it.

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