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Personnel were trained as frogmen, commandos and parachutists.

The amphibious groups and teams would typically operate in enemy territory, isolated from friendly forces.

They would deploy to their debarkation area by ship, boat, submarine, aeroplane, helicopter, or by parachute.

From there they would advance on their objective(s) by Landing Craft Rubber (LCR), Landing Craft Rubber Motorised (LCRM), kayak, or swimming.

The antiaircraft section comprised a command group and four antiaircraft groups. Possible deployment of Bv 202s during operations: 10-12 x with 10 Staff and Support Company, 15-20 x with the infantry companies, 22 x with 15 Combat Support Company (1 x with the reconnaissance platoon, 7 x with the antitank platoon, 3 x with the antiaircraft section, 8 x with the mortar platoon, 3 x with the infantry pioneer section), and 8-10 x for first line logistic support. 2504, VVKM 414 Voorschrift betreffende de organisatie, de uitrusting, de training en de tactiek van het antitankpeloton d.d. This could only happen after 3 Amphibious Combat Group had been mobilised and deployed to the Antilles. Combat support group / mortar section strength: –/5/7 (12). It did not have a staff and support company; once deployed to the Antilles its three company groups would probably operate directly under Naval Command Netherlands Antilles., Aruba. It was integrated in 539 (UK) Assault Squadron Royal Marines. Each navy patrol group comprised one group commander (GC) and six navy patrols. Its platoons would be mobilised at different locations and the company would probably not operate as a single unit Comprising the brigade staff, one signals platoon, one staff guard platoon, one brigade reconnaissance platoon, and the company staff.

Each antiaircraft group had 1 x The section carried a basic load of thirty missiles, distributed as follows: six missiles with each antiaircraft group (first line), and six missiles with the command group (first supplement). 1 Amphibious Combat Group was one of the three amphibious light infantry battalions of the Marine Corps. 2 Amphibious Combat Group could be assigned to the United Three company groups (31-32-33), no staff and support company. The company groups appear to be designed to operate independently, and the absence of a staff and support company probably explains the minus sign (-). Five boat teams (winterised) were earmarked for arctic operations with In 1985 the Marine Corps had 10 x LCA Mark I, of which five winterised (probably fitted with a roof and heating), and 5 x LCA Mark II of which three went into service in July and December 1985. Moore, Alert Platoon BBE/1st MP Platoon (ALARM/1 MP), and the Reserve Platoon BBE/2nd MP Platoon (RESERVE/2 MP). Each navy patrol comprised a patrol commander and one patrol member. ¶ The brigade staff comprised the brigade command group with 1 x M577A1 armoured command post carrier and 1 x the deputy brigade command group with 1 x M577A1 and 1 x DAF 66 YA light utility vehicle; Section S1 (personnel) with 1 x ½-tonne Land Rover and 1 x DAF 66 YA; Section S2 (intelligence) with 1 x M577A1 and 1 x ½-tonne Land Rover; Section S3 (operations and training) an information service section; a chaplain group with 2 x DAF 66 YA; and three liaison teams with 1 x DAF 66 YA each.

The platoon carried a basic load of one hundred and eight M222 Dragon missiles, distributed as follows: eighteen with each antitank section (first line), six with each antitank section commander (first supplement), and thirty-six with the platoon command group (secondary supplement). For operations in northern Norway 1 Amphibious Combat Group had 57 x Volvo Bv 202 tracked over-snow vehicle. 750, VVKM 410 On mobilisation 14 Infantry Company would for the most part be formed from surplus personnel (bovenrol) at the Royal Naval Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine, KIM) in Den Helder, Van Braam Houckgeest Barracks in Doorn and, predominantly, Van Ghent Barracks in Rotterdam; in addition twenty-four reservists would be called up. 3rd Platoon, 23 Infantry Company: one man stationed at Van Braam Houckgeest Barracks; one man at Van Ghent Barracks; and thirty-two men mobilisable. ¶ 25 Combat Support Company: twenty-one men stationed at Van Braam Houckgeest Barracks; sixty-seven men stationed with the Marine Detachment at Naval Air Station Valkenburg (constituting the larger parts of the antitank platoon, the antiaircraft section and the infantry pioneer section); thirty-seven men with Marine Detachment Den Helder, Division De Kooy (constituting the larger part of the mortar platoon); the reconnaissance platoon at Naval Base Parera; and nine men mobilisable. 3 Amphibious Combat Group strength: 15/69/360 (444). These would probably be placed under the operational command of 1 and 2 Amphibious Combat Group respectively. One company staff, and five navy patrol platoons (1-2-3-4-5). Navy Patrol Company Netherlands strength: 7/26/228 (261).

The platoon was fully motorised and had 1 x ½-tonne Land Rover, 12 x ¾-tonne Land Rover, 1 x ¼-tonne trailer and 1 x DAF YA-4440 four-tonne truck. These could be used to carry equipment (main role), personnel, and for skijoring, thus providing (limited) motorised mobility under arctic circumstances. For its national role regarding the territorial defence of the Netherlands Antilles 2 Amphibious Combat Group could be concentrated there; for its NATO role under Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (SACLANT) the unit would be concentrated in the Netherlands. It was a mobilisable unit, earmarked for deployment to the Netherlands Antilles to relieve 2 Amphibious Combat Group if that unit would be concentrated in the Netherlands for its NATO role. with limited amphibious movement capability (ship to shore, both tactical and logistical). Each platoon comprised a command group, and three navy patrol groups (1-2-3). Navy Patrol Company Netherlands was a mobilisable Marine Corps unit, tasked to guard wartime headquarters of the Royal Navy in the Netherlands, probably in addition to its normal policing role.

Personal armament included UZI submachine guns and combat knives. This document only lists Land Rovers; the company may in addition have had a four-tonne truck for logistic support.During training periods and exercises Whiskey Infantry Company was fully integrated into 45 (UK) Commando RM, forming this unit's fourth rifle company, and it was earmarked to be deployed as such to northern Norway in wartime as part of the United Kingdom/Netherlands Landing Force (UK/NL LF). The command group had Each rifle group had 1 x FN MAG gpmg 7.62 mm, 2 x FN FALO saw 7.62 mm, 6 x FN FAL battle rifle 7.62 mm and 1 x UZI submachine gun 9 mm. One staff and support company (20), four infantry companies (21-22-23-24) (of which 24 Infantry Company mobilisable), and one combat support company (25).A rifle group could thus operate in three fire teams formed around the FN MAG and the two FALOs. In 1986 plans to move the prepositioned Bv 202s to a new NATO storage site in Rossvoll, Norway were underway. On mobilisation a company-sized logistic support group (2) would probably be attached.These are marked as mobilisable in the organisational charts below. The Short Leave or mobilisable status of subunits below company level is only indicated as far as known.For the sake of clarity the subunit marked as being on Short Leave is always the one last in line (e.g. In reality things were not that straightforward; in most armoured infantry battalions for instance the Short Leave status rotated from A to B to C Company, whilst in most cavalry battalions the Short Leave squadron was always C Squadron. Military service officially lasted 24 months, but of these only 14 months were actually served (16 months for reserve officers and conscript sub-officers).

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