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The tags have the following information: Ok, so we have some information to start with.

Hawaiian Togs was the manufacturer and I've seen this label come up on e Bay and some vintage clothing retailer sites.

Answering the second question is probably the easiest.

After 1884, the diamond-shaped marks were replaced by the letters Rd. (for registered number)—and numbers indicating the year the piece was registered (see Mark "C).

In Mark "A," the various letters and numbers indicate the following: the large "Rd" means "registered"; the Roman numeral in the circle at the top of the mark represents the type of material used to make a piece (see Table 1); the Roman numeral in the top inside section of the diamond represents the year the piece was registered (see Table 3); the Arabic numeral on the right-hand section represents the day of the month the piece was registered; the Arabic numeral in the section at the bottom represents the parcel number, which is a code indicating the person or company that registered the piece; and the letter in the left-hand section represents the month the piece was registered (see Table 2).

No.," followed by the number assigned to the ceramic, was used.

Tables listed here tell how to decode the mark to learn the type of material, month, maker, and year of manufacture.

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