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Additionally, Japan’s medieval Tendai sect claims that Bodhidharma did not return to India but journeyed onward to Japan, where he met Prince Shōtoku Taishi (574 - 622 AD), the first great patron of Buddhism in Japan, and from this association, Daruma is also linked (in Japanese myth) to horses and monkeys. The origin of these Japanese legends is hard to pinpoint.

Zen came to prominence in Japan during the Kamakura period (1185-1333), although Zen teachings had entered Japan centuries earlier via China.

The eyelids fell to the ground and sprouted into China's first green tea plants.

= Eka), is so eager to become Bodhidharma’s student that he stands outside the cave in the snow and waits one whole week for the master’s attention and then Huìkě cuts off his own left arm and presents it to the master to demonstrate his determination to attain enlightenment (this scene is also represented in artwork). Despite two unsuccessful attempts by rivals to poison Bodhidharma, the sage knowingly takes poison on their third attempt, and dies at the age of 150. The historical Bodhidharma (known as Daruma in Japan) was an Indian sage who lived sometime in the fifth or sixth century AD.Modern scholars and art historians are trying to discern the underlying historical figure by stripping away the ideological, idealizing, & idolizing accretions.In Tamil Nadu (southern India), he is known as போதிதர்மன்Bodhi = Enlightened, Dharma = Universal Law. DEFINITIONS: BODHI (Sanskrit): Enlightened, Enlightenment. The opposite of Avidya (Sanskrit), the latter meaning ignorance or self delusion, or the belief that one's self is distinct from the external world. Much has been gleaned from this discovery, including biographical information on Daruma, documents believed to be Bodhidharma's teachings, and two letters to Huike, along with the latter's reply.The true self incorporates the realization that both are aspects of the same "Buddha Nature." DHARMA (Sanskrit): This term has numerous meanings, but the two most essential definitions are (1) Teachings of the Buddha; and (2) Universal Law, or the law upon which all life processes are based. One of modern Japan’s mostpoplular talismans of good luck. Both Mc Rae and Broughton provide full English translations with commentary.

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