Dating wm

Disc has diameter of 15 cm and both sides are covered by signs arranged in a spiral.

Its purpose, meaning and place of production were unknown till now. It is exhibited in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum on Crete.

There are apparent remnants of the sewerage system in the floor.

Kings chambers were surrounded by ramparts, due to its importance.

However nobody ventured to reconstruct the large building.

Entrance to kings apartments is located to the north of the main courtyard.

It is the highest mountain of Crete reaching 2 456 meters of altitude. On the groundwork of the old palace another building was erected, but was destroyed in 1450 BC, during the catastrophe, that ended the whole Minoan civilization. Some remnants of the first palace are still apparent.

Dating the disc and answer to this question could be achieved by thermoluminiscence (determining the time span between the two burnts), but Greek officials allegedly refused to provide a sample of the disc to the test.Czech teacher Jiri Vymetal from Horice, passed away in 1988, was one of the people trying to decipher the disc. Hear you the gods of the sea, hear you all, to Naxos!He thought the script to be syllabic and published his solution. In the November 2000 Steven Roger Fischer, American doctor of philology, handling almost 80 live and extinct languages, came to conclusion, that he is able to read the text of the mysterious disc. Get with Greeks on your way, punish the Carians, my enemies, and save suffering brothers.Situated on the Crete island, on a place with a wonderful view of the wide and fertile Messara plain, the second biggest and most important Minoan Palace of Phaistos (sometimes spelled Festos).It is not reconstructed as well as the more known Knossos Palace, but possesses other advantages.

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