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It doesn’t feel sincere or authentic to me to present myself as less than I am.I will not continue to whittle myself away to allow others to feel more comfortable.To date, this onslaught of messages continues unabated.Still, no exciting prospects to report, but hey, it’s a numbers game, so it was an improvement!He is tall, and I guess that people could assume he is my partner since we’re all bundled up and they can’t see his 13-year-old acne and orthodontia. I have noticed that quality men typically don’t proposition women who are with little kids; this is understandable and, frankly, appreciated.

He concluded his slew of messages with a final post imploring me to “suck it up” and go on a date with him already!

Some of these offers came from people who were potentially interesting to me, and others came from people who were not interesting for various reasons.

Of the few who seemed possibly interesting, and with whom I made plans for a date, two of these people did not show up for the date.

Many women choose to perform this minimizing act to appease the men in their lives, but it is no longer compulsory for women to do so, nor is it healthy in my opinion.

I accept the fact that this site is not the right place for me.

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