David cook kimberly caldwell still dating

Kimberly Ann Caldwell (born February 25, 1982) is an American singer, actress, and television hostess, from Katy, Texas who was the seventh place finalist on the second season of American Idol.

She used to work as an entertainment correspondent and hosted various shows on the TV Guide Network.

Caldwell will be the host of a new MTV show called P.

Diddy`s Starmaker, set to premiere in January 2009 on MTV. On the 2009 New Year`s Day edition of Deal Or No Deal, Kimberly was a supporter for her hometown friend Tunde Oyeneyin, who ended up winning 0,000 in cash (0,000 from Oyeneyin`s case, ,000 from a New Year`s side game), and a car valued at ,190.

Therefore, Caldwell is now under both labels of Vanguard and Capitol Records.

In December 2009, she released her single "Mess Of You" which is a Pop/Rock song and her album will be released in April 2010 on Vanguard/Capitol. In May 2008, Caldwell was asked out on a date by American Idol winner David Cook while on the red carpet before the show`s seventh season finale.

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I just want to come out of the gate with a solid record. Even if it doesn’t do well commercially, as long as I can put out a record I am proud of — that’s the goal right now. David is now dating Kimberly Caldwell, or at least, he’s gone on a date with her. “I’m just excited because I finally get to talk to you.

Just because he is 25 and doesn't have a steady girlfriend means nothing...

He can do much better than Kimberly Caldwell but there is NO chance he is gay...if he were it'd be fine, but he is most certainly NOT gay. Are your kidding me..little David under his wing and supported him..about he was a good friend/mentor/older brother type..up.

So far, I’ve had a really good time with her.” Meanwhile, car-dwelling reject Josiah Leming has turned his temporary fame into a record contract with Warner Bros, and is also turning on the show that made him famous. They were great to me, and it gave me a great kick-start to my career.

While he is still thankful for his time on the program, he told MTV News that the show is “like glorified karaoke. But the fact is, it’s glorified karaoke — they pick people with pretty faces and the pretty voices, and they don’t let them write their own songs.

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