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And I have a philosophy that I call 'premeditated whimsy,' where you create a collection with one common thread, so what might seem random actually looks tied together. The wife showed me a photo of a room from the Hôtel Hermitage in Monaco, where they went on their honeymoon, but I thought it was a little too spa-like and sparse.

It needed visual texture, so for the headboard, bed skirt, and as an accent on the chairs, I used a fabric that has the look of an antique pattern, and then the lavender touches liven things up.

And then you added striped curtains and upholstery. You can use a good stripe two ways: railroaded as a horizontal, which makes curtains zippy, and vertically on a traditional slipper chair.

This house was not large, not old, and not brand new.

I wanted it to be light but warm and pretty, so the entire palette was based around ivory, oatmeal, beige, gray, and taupe, plus splashes of lavender, aqua, and celadon that flow nicely from room to room. Now the house is so happy, it's like floating on a cloud.

But aren't these neutrals and pastels somewhat lacking in the drama you're known for?

To keep it fresh, I used a lot of white and ikat on the pillows and the border of the curtains. When I was going through her photos, I found the cutest color picture of her engagement party, which we blew up to hang above the sofa.

She's wearing a red dress in it, and that was the cherry on the cake to pull out into the room. For this house, I went with a clean, modern California take on French country, with a teeny bit of industrial sparseness.

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