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For years they relied on the annual 999 Ball, where police officers, firefighters and nurses let their hair down and mixed with the opposite sex.

But that is now a thing of the past – thanks to one 999 worker from Hampshire.

“In the past services have run 999 events like balls or nights out but they aren’t usually for all the emergency services and are limited to certain areas.

“My hope now is that lots of people will sign up and the site can help people in the emergency services find love, wherever they live in the country.

I suppose the problem would be dating when you're on call.

It wouldn't personally bother me, but I can imagine that it would bother some women who would expect your full, uninterrupted attention.

“However, this website will help them find like-minded people.” The website, dating999uk, which costs users £12 a month, launches today and already has 36 members from all over the county and as far away as Liverpool.

Everyone can be someones hero just being a good human being.

Although dating an emergency worker seems to attract a particular following, personally to me, it's more about the man himself then what he chooses to do to fill his time.

I admire a man/person who just does things that are good and expects nothing in return.

So again, it doesn't matter if you are a teacher, a lawyer, a truck driver, a retail assistant or a fire fighter, until someone gets to know you as a person, it's simply 'Are you employed'. So what..are a volunteer firefighter and Coast Guardsman.

So, I think you would be better off doing these things because you enjoy them and like to contribute to your community in such a way, rather then hope the type of activity you do makes you seem more worthy then others who contribute their time. I don't understand the reason for the question tho unless women have been using your profession/vocation as a reason to not date you.

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