Endnotes not updating

Then, in End Note, go to the Tools menu, then the Cite While You Write submenu, and select Import Traveling Library. That is the only way to import citations from a database in Safari.This guide will help you use Microsoft Word for your dissertation.Topics include: formatting page numbers, using chapter templates, footnotes, images, and figures.

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The link above should have information when that is available.Perhaps you received only the formatted Word document from a colleague, and would like to create End Note references to use later.Or, you may have a large End Note library, but want to create a smaller End Note library with only the subset of references used in your paper.Using the ' Sync Library' feature of End Note Online allows you to access your library across any platform.It works with End Note X6 and later versions, but to synchronise the groups in your library, End Note X7.1 or above needs to be installed.

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