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New members are always welcome, details are available from: Lynne Demaine, 33 Daleside, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3QN If you require more information please email Lynne Demaine . For Membership payments by cheque, download a Membership form below and post to the above address.

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So, please download the Gift Aid form in Microsoft Word Format [29kb] or download the Gift Aid Form in PDF Format [30kb].

It even tried to carry out a Tetrad breeding bird census for Nottinghamshire in the 1980's but the efforts petered out.

Recently the trend has been to put population and breeding surveys on a back boiler, with more emphasis placed on rarity reporting.

These have included species such as Rook, Mute Swan, Grey Herons, Canada Goose, Sand Martin and Acrocephalus warblers.

Members also co-operate in the Wildfowl, CBC and WBS.

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