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People will do shit they couldn’t have predicted on the first date, the fourth date, or the day you both decided to be official. My point is you can’t fix your face to say you know how to stop cheating or how to avoid cheaters, because 9 out of 10 times that person doesn’t even know they have the potential to cheat until they’re put to the test.It’s not as basic as getting it out of your system or not being a good person. No matter if it’s lack of attention, lust, or just plain old something to do out of boredom, you can’t predict that hole that will need to be filled. Tell me your solution is to fuck your man every night, have threesums, and be a super freak, and I’ll point out people that still cheated even when they were getting that type of Porno treatment.Show me a woman who had all the attention showered on her and was emotionally fulfilled, and I’ll put you on the phone with one of my homegirls that still fucks around on her husband just because she likes new dick every now and then.Tell me it’s because the person isn’t happy with the one they’re with, and I’ll look to one of my good friends that cheated the first year he was married, told me he just wanted to see if he could, then never did it again.When I confronted her with the receipts she responded with a list of names, “” fuck… Funny thing about a lot of women, they KNOW you’re cheating, but will hold it in like an airplane shit, only to let the chopper fly at the right moment.The point is, this world is filled with people who cheat for all kinds of reasons. The elephant in the room that NO ONE wants to talk about is that you can’t really do shit to stop someone from cheating on you because you don’t know what will trigger that cheating.If the Lemonade narrative is true, Jay-Z likely cheated for the same reason my friend I mentioned earlier did– ego.It’s not about a pretty wife, a bank account, or how often you two have sex.

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Sure enough we pulled up some old James Earl Jones sounding nigga talking about how he couldn’t wait for their weekend meetup.

Let’s first start with something that will limit your anxiety and paranoia and help you understand the bigger picture.

“” Humans are complicated, they grow together only to grow apart, they have lapses in judgment, they move emotionally, in short—the person you start dating could tell you they would never hurt you or waste your time, and be sincere, only to falter later.

Each person that cheats, does so for a reason different from the next, therefore, unless your mutant powers are time travel & telepathy, you won’t stop someone from cheating, that task is and will ALWAYS be on the shoulders of the person doing the cheating.

All you can do is react in a smart and decisive way afterwards so you’ll never have to go through that kind of hurt again.

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