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It is always in search of the truth within the parameters of its investigative powers, combined with those afforded by the judicial authority.

The solar topee helmet was designed to protect the wearer from the sun in very hot climates. The helmet is covered in white material and has a white material folded headband.

The prefix "Royal" was added to the title of the Police Force in February 1966 due to a visit by the Queen. Designed for use in hot countries to prevent sun stroke. To the front it has a Kings Crown Barbados Police helmet badge numbered 307 in the centre. Inside it has a leather sweat band with drawer string.

Since that time "Royal" has remained as part of the name and identity of the force. It has two brass hooks, one either side for a detachable chin strap.

The underside is lined with green cloth which is faded. Sn 139 Early Maltese Police 6 Panel Mounted Ceremonial Spike Topped Solar Topee Helmet With Chain Chin Strap. Sn 139 - 139An early Maltese 6 panel Police mounted ceremonial spike topped Solar Topee helmet with chain chin strap.

The Malta Police Force is one of the oldest in Europe, dating back to 1814 when Sir Thomas Maitland was Governor of Malta.

Pith helmets were often worn by European travellers in the varying climates found in Africa. This is a very good, Kings Crown male Constable's / Sergeant's helmet of Wigan Police. 139 - 139It was established on October 14, 1856 and its jurisdiction extended throughout the county with the exception of the boroughs of Middlesbrough, Richmond and Scarborough.

It has a blue serge body, rigid combe to provide greater protection during public disorder with chrome combe plate and blackened Wigan Police Kings Crown (VI) metal helmet plate. The inside has leather sweat band with string adjustment cord. These established their own police forces, while York was also a separate force.

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139 - 1395 x various police forces male Constable's / Sergeant's Helmets, all with helmet plates and chin straps.The edge is finished with a folded stitched piece of material. Sn 139 1910-1936 Barbados Police 6 Panel Solar Topee Helmet With Kings Crown Helmet Badge Numbered 307, Size 22 1/2".The inside has a leather sweat band and stitched adjustable black leather chin strap. The underside of the brim is lined in white material. Sn 139 - 139A Barbados Police 6 Panel Solar Topee helmet accompanied by a Kings Crown badge.The inside has a leather sweat band and leather chin strap. There is also contemporary hand written number 44 no doubt the collar number of the Police officer who owned the helmet. Sn 139 Barcelona Policia Municipal 6 Panel Mounted Police Solar Topee Helmet With Chin Strap and Helmet Badge Number 1811.Sn 139 - 139A Barcelona Policia Municipal 6 panel mounted Police solar topee helmet with chin strap and helmet badge.

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