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Please make note that Schengen visa rules allow you to stay in Schengen States altogether 90 days in any 180-day period.You may wish to calculate the period of allowed stay under this rule with a calculator designed to this end by going online to Click Here.General information To visit Hungary you may need a visa.Visa is a permit to enter Hungary for a short stay visit not exceeding 90 days in any 180-day period as a tourist, business people, to participate at a conference, cultural event or to transit between the terminals of Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Hungary.For detailed information on residence permits go online to click here. Schengen States issue uniform visas for short stay visit and airport transit.However, it is important for you to know that Hungarian Visa Application Centre can only process your application if the destination of your visit is Hungary.Please make note that all documents referred to under different visa type sections and marked with (*) have to be enclosed in original either in English or Hungarian language.

Neither the Embassy / Consulate of Hungary in India nor the Hungarian Visa Application Centres can be held responsible for any delays in travel due to the time of processing a visa application.This particular visa is issued by the Schengen State concerned where the transit airport is located.For working or studying in Hungary you need a residence permit.Therefore, you are strongly advised to apply well in advanced.The Hungarian Visa Application Center shall not accept visa application less than 4 working days(including day of submission at VFS Global) before the prospective date of travel.” You are also advised to observe that applications lodged by nationals of Bangladesh are subject to prior consultation or information with other Schengen States which takes 7 calendar days except for airport transit.

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