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Yelp, meanwhile, tweaked its logo to reflect an internet-loading wheel.Clicking on it took visitors to a blog post where the company detailed its support for net neutrality — and took aim at its chief corporate foe, Google.Its message encouraged supporters to “tell everyone that you want to keep the internet free and open.” A spokeswoman did not specify how many web users are signed up to receive Google’s so-called “take action” dispatches.

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In the meantime, his opponents — the most vocal, ardent supporters of tough net neutrality regulation — are sounding off.

Instead, some organizers hope they can generate enough backlash — adding to more than 6.1 million comments already shared with the FCC, as of late Tuesday — to help them later challenge the FCC’s repeal efforts in federal court.

They’re also seeking to pressure Congress into adopting a new, more lasting net neutrality law, an idea that even has the support of some in the telecom industry.

The owner of Wordpress sought to offer a widget so that the service’s bloggers could help mobilize readers to take action. C.-based lobbying group for Facebook, Google and other top tech giants, created a new advocacy web page helping concerned visitors share their views with the FCC, as first reported by Recode.

Some of the association’s members, including Netflix, pitched that hub to its customers.

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