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is the phase of the sine wave (in the graph, the sine wave is shown with a phase of 0).

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The relationship of the RMS amplitude to the amplitude of a sine wave is It is important to note that RMS value is not the same for other types of waveforms.

Two of the common waveforms generated by function generators are the sine and square waves.

A graph of a sine wave is shown: The mathematical representation of the sine wave is where A is the amplitude in volts, t is time in seconds (the horizontal axis), V is the vertical axis in volts, and f is the frequency of the sine wave in Hz.

You can calculate the RMS voltage V for a given d Bm value and resistance R in from the following equation: For example, a 0 d Bm signal into 50 represents an RMS voltage of 0.2236 volts, but represents 0.7746 volts into a 600 load.

Modern equipment is usually referenced to 50 loads, but older equipment often used 600 loads.

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