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People like my parents, who are in the military, or farmers and teachers.I’m very passionate and hypervigilant about supporting our workers, blue-collar especially, because I think they’re so overlooked.” Murphy tries to live by her motto: Do something.“I was going to do whatever it took to not be like the other girls and wear Laura Ashley,” she says.“So if it meant being more of a tomboy and not that interested in beauty, then that’s what it was.” That attitude prompted Murphy’s mom to send her straight to a very unbohemian charm school when she was 16. So she returned to Florida to graduate from high school and then enrolled in community college in Virginia with plans to save up and transfer to university.“It’s a really great bonding experience for us,” Murphy says.“I believe in some of those old-fashioned rules.” As for her romantic status, Murphy is currently single. ” She’s also still modeling, and walked the fall shows for Dries Van Noten and Michael Kors this past spring.“I got off the plane and thought, ‘This is it,’ ” she says.

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When she’s working, she can transform into whatever you want—a sophisticated sex bomb for Tom Ford, a Park Avenue royal for Oscar de la Renta—but as she’s sitting across from me, her posture pitched forward and her expression open, everything about her seems to say, How can I help you? “It’s been my nickname forever.” It’s also the name of the website she’s launching this fall: will take a back-to-basics approach to lifestyle, featuring stories along with a curated shop of items made in America.She promises an integrated, “real” approach, but for some, even the mention of GMOs and probiotics can set off an eye roll.“I could spiel about these things for hours,” she says, laughing, “but I will do it in a way that is so straightforward, because we all need a little help sometimes, whether it’s with weight or aging or being overtired.” In her own life, Murphy makes time to connect by cooking dinner most nights for her 16-year-old daughter, Dylan (Murphy and Dylan’s father, surfer Jake Schroeder, divorced in 2002).She frequently played hooky to hang out with a boyfriend who “thought he was Jim Morrison,” but an agent scouted her at a school event and soon it was off to Paris for the summer before her senior year. She modeled part-time in New York until she was 21, then went all in.“I said, ‘I’m gonna commit to this.’ ” Cut to streaking through the halls of Le Bristol Paris hotel with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Shalom Harlow, and Amber Valletta, after drinking Champagne all day backstage at the shows.

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