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I know because I've read many reports about ideas that didn't work. Dan: Oh, I get it; you're one of those religious nuts.

Frylock: I'm not detecting any vampiritic activity.

His typical Saturday might include a combination of working out, going to brunch, napping, or noodling around on the guitar, which he taught himself to play at the age of 12, after watching his friend’s brother perform "Hotel California." He bought a 0 red Ashton, and his mom later helped him paint white stripes on the guitar to make it look more like his idol Eddie Van Halen’s."I feel most comfortable when I have a guitar in my hand," he says. " Apa mostly listens to artists his dad ("a crazy musician") introduced him to — Kool and the Gang, Bobby Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Van Halen — but right now he’s on a Pearl Jam kick courtesy of costar Cole Sprouse, who got Apa into the band while on a camping trip. "I think after that first season of him bouncing from girl to girl, it's nice to see him in a proper, stable relationship. "I reckon if I wasn't acting I'd either be playing rugby or just gigging at bars in New Zealand," he says.

"When I auditioned for and did a screen test, I decided to take my guitar in there because I knew it would calm me down." (He's written original songs, FYI, but hasn't played them for anyone, at least not yet.) "I'm still waiting for someone to call me out [for acting]. ("We’re good mates.") After Apa spots the soundtrack to music from his own show. It’s good for Archie." In real life, he’s sitting tight. "Which I'd be happy to do." The two fans who stopped him for a selfie on our short walk to the record shop, however? Follow Jean on Twitter and Cosmo Celeb on Facebook.

"It was really cool, really sick, had a great time," he says.

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And where do they lie about not working in the food industry? For examples of Insane Troll Logic by video game developers, see You Can't Get Ye Flask, Moon Logic Puzzle, and (extreme examples of) Guide Dang It! For examples of characters who engage in this, see The Ditz, Cloudcuckoolander, Strawmen, Moral Guardians, and of course trolls of both internet and mythological origin. Hanar: Therefore, as a faithful servant of the Enkindlers, we too must serve the Reapers. A character will tend to use this when he thinks he is smarter than he really is. "I was fresh out of New Zealand, no one understood what I was saying, and they were hanging out all the time," he says. We laugh about it now, but I really was in my own zone." This time around, his 22-year-old sister, a writer, lives with him."I don't charge her anything — the only request that I have is that she makes me food when I'm hungry," he says jokingly. It could be under metal."As he searches for all things Eddie ("a legend"), we talk relationships: On the fictional front, he’s rooting for Archie and Veronica.

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