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Isn't the ocean just getting increasingly polluted? Chad Nelsen, environmental director for the Surfrider Foundation chimes in: All of the monitoring at the beach in California and almost everywhere else is done for beach advisories is based on bacteria.

Bacteria in urban runoff have a limited life span so after three days they either diffuse in the water or die off. Some of these tend to bind with the sediments so they probably settle out over time and sink to the ocean floor.

The linebacker isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt, thanks to his history — one he might not even talk about depending on his mood.

We're all taking this stuff and then peeing it out. Down the toilet, through the sewers to a treatment plant to remove solids and most of the bacteria, but not drugs. So we're "medicating" all the critters that live in the ocean, which has already been shown to affect the sex and reproduction of fish, frogs, etc in more enclosed water bodies like rivers. When he’s locked in, as he was for the second half of last season, he’s a playmaking linebacker who makes the Cincinnati Bengals’ defense roar.He also has perhaps the ugliest history of cheap shots and dirty plays in the NFL right now.But what happens after 72 hours to all that crap that comes with the run-off? What about the heavy metals, oil, pesticides, toxins, etc?Isn't all this stuff just accumulating on the sea floor?

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