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Many times when a young child is severely abused, he or she becomes so detached from reality that what is happening may seem more like a movie or television show than real life.This self-hypnotic state, called disassociation, is a defense mechanism that protects the child from feeling overwhelmingly intense emotions.Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a chronic (recurring frequently) emotional illness.A person with MPD plays host to two or more personalities (called alters).Each alter has its own unique style of viewing and understanding the world and may have its own name.These distinct personalities periodically control that person's behavior as if several people were alternately sharing the same body.Female MPD patients often have more identities than men, averaging fifteen as opposed to eight for males.Most people diagnosed with MPD were either physically or sexually abused as children.

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Disassociation: Separation of a thought process or emotion from conscious awareness.

Eventually, these clusters develop into full-blown personalities, each with its own memory and characteristics.

A person diagnosed with MPD can have as many as a hundred or as few as two separate personalities.

The process by which one of these personalities reveals itself and controls behavior is called switching.

Most of the time the change is sudden and takes only seconds. Switching is often triggered by something that happens in the patient's environment, but personalities can also come out under hypnosis (a trancelike state in which a person becomes very responsive to suggestions of others).

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