Maci bookout dating a new kyle

Seriously, to bring Kyle King back into his life for a month or whatever was so WRONG of Maci to do when it's clear that their relationship is not healthy and wasn't going to last.

And the fact that Maci is ready to jump into bed with another guy (scratch that, 95% of the time its her ex's) RIGHT after a breakup is so disturbing.

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Have fun paying your bills in a couple of years at the rate you're spending your money. Stop pretendnig on the show that you care so much about school and that you're trying. You've been attempting your damn associate's degree for four years now and you STILL don't have it.She also makes a big deal about Ryan and his relationships, when Ryan has only had one serious relationship, and he's still with her.Maci on the other hand, drags Bentley into all these relationships with the same guys which is way more damaging than splitting up and never seeing the guy again.She’s jumping from guy to guy, and Bentley gets dragged into it." "But after watching Teen Mom from the beginning, I do find it funny that Ryan is the stable figure in Bentley’s life and Maci is the one jumping between boyfriends and traveling everywhere.I guess I just feel bad for Ryan because he was made to look like a shitty person at times, when it reality he’s probably the best father in the series…

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