Men deadly dating patterns

Do you feel like you are a great catch of a woman – intelligent, successful, attractive, and interesting – but your efforts in trying to find a relationship keep failing and it seems like one disappointment, heartbreak, or failed relationship after the next?Do you feel like you keep meeting the men, or that you know deep down that you must be doing something “wrong” with men and attracting your Soulmate, but you just don’t know what it is or how to fix it?So, getting a little deeper in that, what are the most common patterns that are sabataging women from enjoying an amazing relationship with their Soulmate?What are the biggest specific reasons why men run away from you, won’t commit to you, or suddenly lose interest after dating you?

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Your best friend and partner in crime, an incredible man who knows you and understands you better than anyone else on the planet…

You are among the majority of modern women now who are unknowingly and unconsciously Its not that you mean to, or even realize that you’re doing it…

But if you are over age 30 and not married, and have been trying to find a partner – then the fact is that you are blocking love, in various ways.

As a highly trained and experienced Relationship, Life & Dating Coach and NLP Practitioner of nearly a decade in professional practice coaching thousands of women, as well as a life-long researcher of love who has personally gone through every kind of relationship experience, successes, failures, and trials myself, I have become intimately aware of the unconscious ways in which we modern women sabotage our success in love and dating, and keep you from meeting your Mr. I see the same patterns and issues day in and day out with the women that I coach, and have distinguished it into a science that is easy to understand and learn from.

In sum, if men are not wanting to commit to you, you don’t have men hanging off the rafters pursing you, adoring you, and eager to throw a ring on it, then the reasons why simply lie in those two areas.

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