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This engine had some major flaws which caused early rebuilds.

Us grandkids love this car and understand what it takes to own a car like this and take care of it.It was also invited to and shown at the 2008 Hilton Head Concours d Elegance where it won "best of class" in the "Outstanding Orphans" class.It has a 1951 Supersports as a stablemate and I am currently restoring a 1951 Farm O Road" 2001 Show update: This Hotshot won second in the microcar class at the New England Concours and won the"Cars 1951-1960 class at the Concours of Monmouth County".and the pictures were taken 2008 Hilton Head Concours. " bought this car as a rusting hulk from the family who had owned it since the middle 50's, and restored it here in a garage at my home in Blandon Pa.It is a totally amateur restoration done mostly by me.

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