Minecraft zes when updating

That’s why every time an update comes along the only thing I care about are the new textures and models that are added not some gimmicky mechanic like potions or enchanting. Despite people saying things like "oh, 1.9 won't split the community," it did.

But gimmicks seem to be the only thing the devs care about these days and I’m starved for new building material. But usually, I'm still playng 1.8 more than anything else. We're split between versions; some are playing on 1.6 because of the better caves, others on 1.7 because mods, still others on 1.8 because of 1.9's combat, and then we have 1.9 . " However, that argument means that Mojang is failing to make good quality updates, because later updates had worse features.

It used to be that Minecraft updates were exciting but lately they’ve just been boring, I can’t remember the last time they added something that truly excited me.

Now mods on the other hand are always adding in cool things every other day, as long as you’re playing the right version of the game.

Now that’s not to say the other mod communities are perfect there was a chaotic time for the doom mod scene when various source ports were competing for dominance but that time has passed and things are relatively stable with gzdoom.

In fact some of those exceptions I mentioned are getting updated by the fans because everyone knows the community is probably going stay with gzdoom.

That’s why I want mods to take over, stuff like Biblio Craft, Biomes O' Plenty, Custom NPCS gives me the building blocks I need to make even more varied structures and worlds. It also prevents the player from experiencing other features they like; not a terrible thing, but it's certainly annoying to see that one feature you've always wanted, but be kept aback because some other feature that doesn't make the game fun anymore.

World creation (and world generation/exploring) are what Minecraft is all about but the players need to be given the building blocks (cubes) that are necessary in order to create. You can also say "Well, just mod it into your favorite version," which works, but then you have to work with mod conflicts and crashes that are unlikely to ever be fixed, and likely you won't find the feature you want.

Right cool things expect for furniture because obviously that’s way too complicated to add in (even though like a million mods do it).But Minecraft has become stall, the updates don’t do it anymore (why do I have still have to install mods for a stupid chair and table after all this time?) but the mods (which do let me have a chair and table) keep getting broken by them.No instead lets update the combat you know the lest interesting part of the game.Also lets add another dimension to the game that’s just another hell dimension but with a different set of colors (because who likes having different themes am I right).

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