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She is also expected to play a key role in raising Ronaldo's new surrogate twins Eva and Mateo.

As well as having a positive impact on his personal life, some would argue Georgina's attendance at matches has been having also benefited the Spanish team.

The mother goddess can be distinguished from the Earth Mother (earth goddess), but sometimes the two are confused and their roles tends to blur, as it is the case with Gaea.

Gaea was both an Earth Mother and a mother goddess.

I have not mentioned the goddesses of the Bronze Age Aegean civilisations.

Most of the authors we read, set all mythological events before the arrival of the Dorians; thus in the Bronze Age.

Does it mean that she is fertility goddess or was she the goddess of nature? Mother goddess could mean fertility, but the term "fertility", is in itself rather vague, and could mean a number of different things. fertility of the land; or could be the growing of crops or other plant life.

However, their romance ended quite quickly as the superstar footballer apparently believed Cordero was ‘using him for fame and attention’.What do we mean when we identify a female deity as a mother goddess?Does mother mean in the sense, a mother who nurture and protect the young? Is she a creator goddess or the earth goddess (usually known as Earth Mother)?The mother goddess may even have more than one attribute, as it was the case, with Demeter, the goddess of corn.Demeter was also the mother goddess and goddess of fertility. So far I have only mentioned goddesses what we know of, through literature and mythology after the Dorian invasion.

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