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Companies who own dating sites also own ‘adult sites’ where people pay for sex. I like to think that everyone should be in it together. Peoples’ vulnerability and need for love become collateral. which means often the industry gets blurred with the adult industry. But it makes me particularly sad when it’s people inside the industry doing the bad stuff. I wake up to Google alerts and tweets from all around the world, related to dating. A person getting date-raped on a Tinder date sells far more newspapers than stories of the hundreds of thousands of weddings which have resulted from the industry. You only have to run a search for ‘online dating’ to see how much negative press the industry gets.I’ve been to more singles events than you can imagine, been on more first dates than most people go on in their whole life, and I’ve done everything I could to learn about an industry which interested me. And so have all the other good dating bloggers and experienced dating experts out there. And as experts in a subject, we should be paid for our expertise.I didn’t fall into my job at Time Out – they asked me to do it, because they could see the hard work I’d put in. One of the reasons I had so much respect for Time Out, from the very start, was because they brought me in as a consultant. And to be honest it makes me really sad to see the unethical end of the spectrum, because it’s these bad experiences which tarnish a whole industry.As far as speed dating companies go, Date in a Dash is a behemoth in London.

Unfortunately no dating events company can control the type of people attending too carefully, and I remember that was my only real complaint about the night.

If your staff are meeting journalists, they’re likely to spot the likeness sooner or later?!

Finally, this new dating club (one part for men, one for women) is set up by Apprentice ‘star’ Sarah Dales (the one who told her team of girls to wear short skirts and full faces of make-up to win a task).

Next week the app will also be hosting a launch event for bloggers and journalists, in hopes of gaining more coverage.

Whilst it’s great to have a company reach out to bloggers, and want to schmooze them a bit, even if just with lunch or a nice party, some of the reports of the ‘lunch meetings’ have been rather dubious … but I really think it’s underhand to use staff for ‘user experience quotes’, and particularly bad to give them fake names!

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