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There's a story that always comes up when people talk about Rachel Mc Adams, one that reveals her ambivalence about the machinery of Hollywood.

A decade ago, after she'd just starred in three huge hits in a row, "The Notebook," "Mean Girls" and "Wedding Crashers," she was asked to pose on the cover of Vanity Fair.

She did not want to take off her clothes, so she passed up the opportunity."I didn't see any other way," Mc Adams says now, reflecting on the decision.

"It wasn't something I could ever possibly see myself doing.

As a result, the series has been viewed as a sort of career rehab — a place to regain industry credibility playing very serious characters. Sure, she once passed on being a Bond girl as well as Anne Hathaway's role in "The Devil Wears Prada." But it's not as if she's only made quirky indies.

She's starred in accessible love stories like "The Vow" and big-budget action flicks like "Sherlock Holmes" and has certainly made more conventional choices than Gosling, whose career was also launched by "The Notebook." But nobody's writing essays about why he isn't a movie star; they're likely too busy making "Hey Girl" memes to post on Tumblr."What is this movie star thing?

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This weekend, she has a brief but pivotal role in Antoine Fuqua's boxing drama "Southpaw," playing opposite Jake Gyllenhaal as a devoted wife who meets with a tragic fate that throws the athlete's life into chaos.Billed as the toy that has transformed cybersex, the Mojowijo vibrator can be connected wirelessly to a laptop and controlled remotely, meaning that those forced to say goodnight via Skype could now see their late night calls suddenly spiced up.Using the firm's patented Motion2Vibration technology, the device is able to transform the movements performed by each user into vibration signals and send them to another selected device – either in the same room or over the internet.He really puts his heart and his soul into everything, and I know that was a real passion project for him. I thought it was a beautiful script, and I loved playing that character and shooting in Hawaii. It was one of the top movie-making experiences I've had."Despite that misfire, Mc Adams is still up for the biggest Hollywood roles — it just seems to be a matter of whether she wants to take them.She is considering playing the female lead in Marvel's "Doctor Strange," which is set to star Benedict Cumberbatch, though she is careful to note, "it's still super-early days, and I don't know where that's gonna go, if it's gonna go anywhere at all." But she's not a "comic book snob." (Or a reality TV snob, for that matter: She says she's been watching this season of "The Bachelorette.")Big-name actresses have been taking roles in comic book franchises for years now — Johansson, Natalie Portman.

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