Parenthood cast dating

"They don't promo the show, you don't see anything about it out there. "I don't understand whatever the agenda is behind the scenes. Having been around as long as I have and been on a couple of shows -- one of which I ran -- it doesn't make sense to me." Potter's Perfect Performance One thing everyone can agree on is that Monica Potter delivered next-level work all season long as her character, Kristina, battled breast cancer.

Matt [Lauria] was just unbelievable this year and I would love to continue to explore Ryan's story with Amber." Young Love - Take Two Katims isn't the only one who'd like to continue exploring Ryan and Amber's relationship.'" renewal seem good, so I asked Katims what storylines he'd be interested in exploring further next year."I'm interested to see what happens with Ryan and Amber.Thankfully the cast of TV's best drama was honored last week during The Paley Center for Media's annual Paley Fest, which is where I caught up with (future Emmy nominee) Monica Potter, Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Jason Ritter, Sam Jaeger, Erika Christensen, Mae Whitman, Miles Heizer, Craig T.Nelson and creator Jason Katims to talk season four highlights, season five hopes and NBC frustrations.

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