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Totty had heard, through the Hawk GT/Bros Club that 750cc Africa Twin desert race replica cams and pistons can be persuaded into the Bros motor to give a bit of a boost to the wanky standard 45bhp.

Being the sort of bloke who doesn't do things by halves, Totty realised he could save himself all the hassles of reboring and timing discs by just dropping the XRV (Africa Twin) engine between the spars.

Besides having mined social media, sources, and their Spidey-senses to come up with this cast list, they also know that this season will be .

Actually I've just realised why the Brits didn't get the Bros - at about the time it was launched our pop charts were being assailed by three bleached haired, leather jacketed poofs of the same name, whose brief flirtation with stardom lasted about as long as one of their records or until their tans started to fade, so no manufacturer in their right minds would want to be associated with `em. Anyway, Totty bought the Bros, whacked an American race pipe on it and went thrashing.

Apparently the alloy Bros frame (also coded RC31) is very similar to an NSR250 chassis, which means it turns faster than a cruise missile spotting its target and can carry enough corner speed to frighten Luca Cadalora.

w=300" data-large-file=" Super-brief relationship history: Dustin was still getting over Heather when he came into the house on , and he promised he wouldn’t hook up with anyone out of respect for her.

MTV " data-medium-file=" Not only did he hook up with someone else, that someone else was Jess, the most annoying cast member in the history of the franchise.

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