Pound of fish dating

We caught plenty of small stripers also with a couple of 28 inch fish mixed in.

Lilly, in dad Brian's arms, was heard to mutter, "I am going to Elmer to learn how to be first to the rod when it goes off!

" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 8, 2017 Mudguaard gets caught double dipping!

"I think it came from the sinking of the "Last Flounder!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx August 14, 2017 Mudguaard sets new lobster catch record on the Helen H out of Hyannis, Massachusetts!

"Mar-e used to catch one every time we went flounder fishing in the old days." laughed Elmer.

But it was Captain's Day, and we sent back all fish with thanks to the portal god!

" Elmer reports, "The Captain worked the shoals on day one, finding fish at every stop, dispite the wind.

"Great Grand Dad, Bottom of the Rock, went down just of the coast of Kingston in six feet of water under mysterious circumstances.s October 23, 2017 Great Autumn Weather keeps the Ground Fish Coming!

We landed in Nantucket Harbor, allowing everyone time on shore to eat dinner or hit the shoppes of your choice.

A fogbow formed right in front of us as the sun broke through, great omen!

"All's well that ends better, as the Gaffer says." said Elmer.

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