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Use a private browsing session, and your search terms won’t show up as a recent search.Or you may want to prevent companies from “tracking” you all over the web.

Watching it yourself might make you realize why your BF watches it - and why that's not always a bad thing. Is porn ruining your sex life even if you don’t watch it?

We may be uncomfortable with the idea that companies can target ads to our children.

While private web browsing can help prevent it (not necessarily eliminate it), keep in mind that the solution also gives children the means to hide their website activity from you.

Why does there have to be porn made specifically for women?

Can’t women enjoy porn just as much as men do without the stereotypes? He recently discussed his thoughts on porn for women with Refinery 29 and I thought what he said was pretty great: “My theory on porn for women is it’s just porn. By saying there needs to be porn for women, you’re basically isolating women as a gender and saying, ‘This is how women should think.

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