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The blaster has Elite XD capabilities which allow it to have an increased range.It advertises a firing range of up to ninety feet.camera that can take either photos or video; videos capture at twenty frames per second. The 1.77 inch screen shows a crosshair, possibly as a means of aiming, that will not show in video or photos taken by the camera.PLAY FREE TRAILER Chloe visited her family friend’s place to show off in her new dress that barely covered her firm ass.She didn't suspect anything wrong when he asked her to sit down on the bed…Suddenly he started stroking her thighs slowly moving his hand towards her pussy.

To reload the Cam ECS-12, load up to twelve darts in the provided twelve dart clip. Pull the second trigger to rev up the flywheels and pull the main trigger to fire a dart.

The Cam ECS-12 is a flywheel clip system blaster, featuring the use of an acceleration trigger.

It features two tactical rails and two sling points.

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