Realistic conflict of interracial dating

The anxiety this created greatly limited its inclusion in postcard imagery while social fears were more explicitly expressed in the form of racism.

There was little in this time too outlandish to keep it from being made into a postcard.

While the neutrality of the United States should have allowed it to continue trade, the British naval blockade insured that no merchant ships would leave Germany for any destination.

Overconfident American publishes tried to make up the difference, but while they increased volume, they lacked the trained craftsmen to capture the same quality of European cards.

Three types of cards would dominate this period, all influenced by hard economic realities if not political ones; white border cards, hand colored cards, and those printed in monochromes.

Both linen and photochrome cards would have their introduction in these years, but as with the First World War, the Second World War would again usher in austerities, and delay the production photochrome cards in any significant numbers.

Many of the resources required by printers suddenly became difficult to find or denied to them completely as they were diverted towards war production.

Even so postcards continued to be manufactured and purchased for they played an important role in keeping up wartime morale, and were also an important tool in spreading propaganda.

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While the San Francisco earthquake caused a multitude of postcard images to be produced, the more widespread disaster of the great 1927 Mississippi flood just nineteen years later barely had any effect on card production.Nations that may have had the industrial capacity for printing, often lacked vital supplies to carry it out.Most resources as was transport were now diverted toward the military; and eventually men working in the printing trades were called up for military service at the battlefront.The war years themselves really need to be looked at as a closed interim period in regard to postcards, for the surrounding events did not follow any sort of historical progression.While the new circumstances had great influence on postcards, they just suddenly appeared and then ended.

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