Recovering after dating a borderline who is candace parker dating

I close my eyes and try to picture my happy place for a moment, and then I remember I’m depressed and I don’t have a happy place. I’m not depressed enough to hurt myself, says a voice in my head.

Her smile brightens the room and it hurts to think that some people can genuinely be that happy, yet her existence is proof you can struggle and still be OK.Narcissists and Psychopath's are highly egocentric (borderlines have a low self worth) Those with BPD have no sense of self- of who they are- while a NPD also suffers from no sense of self- so they erect a 'False Persona' Which is grandiose, omnipotent and 'perfect'- they are seen as 'Perfect people' but the 'False Self' is empty.Narcissists have no empathy, very little conscience - they seem to have no humanity- more like machines then people. The Narcissist needs 'narcissistic supply'- others to recognize his brilliance and superiority over others.The doctor assigned to me looks like a modern-day Jesus and acts like a sarcastic man, but somehow a miracle happens and I am allowed out. My body sits uncomfortably in a car seat while my consciousness soars throughout the abyss that is my mind.I am being driven to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for students with mental illness.

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