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However, no one will be surprised if Soulja threatens Fizz with the draco.

@diggthekicks A video posted by Moniece Slaughter (@moniece_slaughter) on “AAAAWWWWWW I love her.

mainly because like most 10/22 owners they change everything anyways..

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I have a 223 and 25.06 from a few years ago, the finish is much better than the matte finish on the 308 target I just bought - finish on the new target is almost grainy.

What exactly is it that ladies want on the first time frame?

The new plastic barrel band and trigger assembly don't bother me any, but some folks might not care for it.

The “Crank That” rapper hasn’t had time to respond to the Fizz and Nia rumors as he is preparing for a boxing match with Chris Brown.

Moniece announced last year that she is in a relationship with a woman.

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    They won trips to London, Bora Bora and Phuket City, Thailand, in addition to ,000 cash.