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Because Badoo’s social system is based largely on premium SMS, it sent its payment services through Irancell.

However, the current politics over the site’s ban has stalled this operation.

It may be this flirtatious aspect of the site which has inflamed the ire of the strict Islamic authorities – however, there has been no official reason given.

In January 2008 Badoo pulled in m from Russian investor Finam for a 10% stake.

Badoo runs a fine line between a social network and a dating or (more accurately) a flirting site, but it is not at all political.We appreciate it: we help meeting people, you help improving the app.After Kaylie and Carter have their fight Lauren sleeps with Carter, losing her virginity.These mostly involve the user paying a small fee via premium SMS to gain more attention to his or her profile on the site.The more you text in, the more your profile is promoted to other users. As such, Badoo turns out to be pretty suited to emerging markets since it is so SMS driven – something which is largely ubiquitious in Iran, and especially when mobile Web access is almost impossible.

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