Second dating scan

Some insurance providers even require a second opinion before they will pay for cancer treatment.Let your doctor know if you wish to seek a second opinion.We have performed hundreds of thousands of gender scans and remain the UK's leading private provider.Our highly accurate* professional opinion is based on a dedicated protocol plus the experience gained since 1998 in using 2D ultrasound to show parents the sex of their baby.*Please note ultrasound alone can never provide a 100% guarantee of the sex of your baby, however our experience in providing accurate gender opinions is the foremost in the UK.Babybond wellbeing check of fetal heartbeat and movement with professional opinion on the sex of the baby using ultrasound, available from 18 - 30 weeks gestation.

Private ultrasound gender scan optimised for fast results.

Phoner gives you unlimited phone numbers with just 1 device and provides a simple intuitive interface for you to manage them.

There are many reasons why you may want separate multiple numbers.

However, before making an appointment, ask your insurance provider about coverage.

Ask if there is a requirement of selecting from a specific group of doctors.

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