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Get all dolled up for Mistress for today is Halloween and it’s the perfect day to let [...] It always makes me laugh when a guy tries to act like he’s not a fucking fag.

No matter how manly, macho, aggressive, or un bitchy you try to act I see you. You’re either trying too hard to impress women or not trying hard enough to hide it around [...] Most sissy boys have a thing for glory holes, and who can blame them? I’ve seen so many submissive bitches drop to their knees as soon as that magic stick comes popping through the hole.

You are free to talk about past experiences you’ve had, the desire for experiences you want to have in the future, or do a kinky fetish role play with your phone sex hottie.

[click to continue…] I have lots of men calling me for fetish phone sex a*nd it’s always funny to me that they think sucking big black cock is a big deal these days. There are plenty of men that like giving blowjobs especially if they are going down on a BBC.

I can see straight into his house without being seen and I’ve been peeping in on him for some time now.

[...] When you are one of the girly boys on my sissy training team, you will wear panties and lingerie. It’s all because sissy slaves belong in pretty clothes and those panties and lingerie sure do look sexy on you.

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stepsister never really felt like family, so i had no problem making a move on this eager blonde slut while our parents were not home.I’d like to put you in a pair [...] It’s a good day for all of my sissy girly boys.Today is the one day where my little faggot phone sex callers can dress up like a woman and not feel like such of a fucking freak.This plan will benefit me a whole lot, but if you ask me it’s a waste of money for you. My neighbor is an adult baby and he has a diaper fetish.He doesn’t know I could see him walking around his living room from my bedroom window.

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