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note: For the past nine months, Lindsey Newhall has been living at a Muay Thai camp outside Bangkok, training for hours a day and soaking in local traditions.

We asked her to keep a journal of her experiences.] The amount of Thai you learn at a Muay Thai gym in Thailand largely depends on what kind of gym you're training at.

Gong was working with him on basic kicking technique and ordered Peter to kick him around waist-level, aiming for the belly pad. " So Peter tried again to kick even harder than before. "I thought he was mocking me.” Some words you only use with certain trainers.

Peter complied, and after the kick, Gong said, "No power." Not enough power, huh? At this point, I chimed in from my ringside vantage point, "Peter, he's telling you to kick with power. For example, there are a few English phrases Gong uses only with me, likely because I'm the one who taught them to him. " when he is telling me to stand strong and block appropriately and of course my favorite, the ever-popular and often-heard "You suck!

If language fails, they still have the next best thing to facilitate mutual understanding: Facebook photos on their smartphones.

Or if you're the right mix of genders, there's always the awkward attempt at sex, as much as management would like to discourage it.

Many of the foreign fighters and the Thai boxers are naturally curious about each other's lives.

It's a perfect learning environment for them--native English speakers from all over the world are coming and going all the time.

It's as if each gym develops its own English dialect of sorts, based on who passes through and what the Thais and foreigners teach each other.

Trainers at gyms that cater to foreigners pretty much all speak "Muay Thai English." All the trainers at my gym know how to count in English and how to say basic Muay Thai-related things -- . That's where the blanket proficiency ends, though; each Thai trainer has his own unique English lexicon.

Phrases like these also appear when you find yourself getting into a squabble at night during dinner with your little Shit, I probably shouldn't have lost my cool just now and slapped him in front of everyone for that stupid cheeky comment he made.

Now he's going to make me pay for it by not wearing shinpads tomorrow.

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